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Privacy Policy

MANTIS respects the privacy and security of its customers and browsers, so any personal information that you provide to MANTIS is used for the purpose of personalizing and enhancing your web experience with MANTIS, and for no other purpose. MANTIS’s specific privacy policies are outlined below.

The Information We Collect
There are two ways that MANTIS obtains information from you: (1) via sign up on the MANTIS website for sponsorship as a performance/junior player or as a coach; (2) from an on-line purchase

How We Use The Information
The information obtained from registration on-line is utilized to improve your web experience with MANTIS by enabling you to obtain a faster checkout for purchases and/or opt-in to receive occasional e-mails, which provide you with the latest information regarding MANTIS and its products.

If you are applying for sponsorship then the requested information may enable you to receive additional discounts (through the use of a membership number) if you are accepted onto any of the MANTIS sponsorship programmes.

(1) The information we ask for when you sign up for sponsorship is to determine your age, ranking and location to ascertain if you have the potential to be an ambassador for the brand. By completing your contact details this enables us to ensure that you are up to speed with any new developments at MANTIS.

(2) The information we ask for when you order on-line is your name, address, phone number and email address, and is used only to complete the order, to confirm the order and to confirm shipment of the order. All on-line payments are dealt with securely through PayPal UK and as such MANTIS does not retain any credit card, debit card or bank details.

You may, upon placement of an order, opt to allow MANTIS to save the information for a speedier checkout process the next time. This information is then stored only for the purposes of faster checkout and is not used for any other purpose.

All payments are processed through PayPal. MANTIS Sport International Limited do not retain any customer credit card, debit card or bank details.